Edward T. Clark & Sons – Ellicott City, Maryland

Edward T. Clark & Sons Edward T. Clark and Sons was established in 1845 at I think was this location.  This building is one of the oldest in Ellicott City, Md which was constructed sometime between 1780 and 1790 and originally was a residence. Following a flood in 1808, the building became the town’s emporium, stocking an inventory ranging from household staples to clothing, fuel and farm supplies.

 Tragically, Edward T. Clark Jr., the owner of the store when this image was made, died along with his wife in an automobile accident in 1972 on their way to Vicksburg, Mississippi from Ellicott City.  They were towing a trailer behind their van along Interstate – 85. As they approached a bridge the vehicle and trailer started to sway causing them to lose control and crash through a guard rail into 40 feet of chilly Lake Hartwell water on the South Carolina-Georgia line.  A witness to the crash tried in vain to dive in a save them but he could not. (Source: The Baltimore Sun – March 30, 1972)

Nine years later, the Clark family sold the building and they now run a rather large and successful Ace Hardware about five miles from this location. Today the building is home to the Antique Depot.  I have visited the Antique Depot many times in the past six or so years and since it is located in a historic district, not much has changed with the building.

A contemporary view of the building.

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  • jackie clark Says:

    My husband and his brother took over the store in 1972 after the death of their parents. The original hardware business was located on main street near the entrance to Tiber Alley. It was moved to this site when the original building burnt down. The left side and back additions were added in the 1940’s.

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