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Dec 12 2011

Regional Stationery and Office Supply Company – Bethesda, MD

Andrus set up his tripod to capture the front window of Regional Stationery and Office Supply Company one evening in the 1950′s.  The store was located at 7107 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland.  Regional placed display advertisements in The Washington Post  from 1948 to 1954.  In 1974/75 the building Regional Stationary was located in was torn down to make way for a new 14 floor, 237,265 square foot office building which is still standing today.  I’m not sure when Regional Stationery went out of business but I’m assuming sometime between 1954 and 1974.

 A couple of newspaper ads from the early 1950′s from Regional.

Nov 27 2011

Washing Machines – New and used.

$42.50 seems like a cheap price to pay for a used clothes washing machine but that price today would be about $365 with inflation according to The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Andrus often photographed subjects facing each other and often he seemed to direct them to point or interact about something. This photo shows two men smiling and looking at what appears to be a used ringer washing machine. Like many of Andrus's negatives, there was no caption for this image to reveal its location.

This man and woman continue with Andrus's washing machine image theme - this seems like a completely different location and day from the image above. The subjects again seem to be looking at used washing machines. Andrus left no caption information for this image.. A 1952 advertisement in the Washington Post lists the Maywit Appliance Service as located at 810 Upshur Street NW in Washington, DC.

December, 2011 recreated/rephotograph of 810 Upshur Street NW. The location is currently Bentley's Vintage Furniture & Collectibles.

Here is a modern view of 810 Upshur Street NW in Washington, DC via Google Street view.

Nov 24 2011

Two women in an art supply store

Another Andrus commercial scene - this time in an art supply store. Perhaps in Silver Spring, MD.

Here is a clue to the possible location of the store, an enlargement of one of the paintings on the wall depicts the B&O train station in Silver Spring, MD in a view looking down Georgia Avenue. - total guess on my part - the store has posted some local art, so perhaps it is very local?