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Tony Schwartz : 30,000 recordings later

I had what NPR refers to as a “driveway moment” this afternoon. A driveway moment is the inability to leave one’s car after arriving at the destination because of the riveting nature of a story you’re listening to on the radio; especially on NPR. I sat in the parking lot of one of my favorite […]

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Motion Portraits

Wow.. two months have gone by and I haven’t posted anything here. Time flies! Well here is a video I shot over the course of six days this past week. Many of the people in the video are my friends and family, some are complete strangers. How often do we look into each other’s eyes? […]

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Practice, practice, practice..

Downtown Wilson, North Carolina – Easter Sunday – 2011 by Forrest MacCormack (Click photo to see larger) I sometimes feel like a musician practicing scales making simple photos like this. Nothing wrong with making these sorts of shots at all and I do judge myself harshly most of the time. They are fun and relatively […]

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Mesmerizing – Eske Rex’s room sized Drawingmachine

When I first saw this video, I thought it might turn out to be another boring contraption that draws mechanical drawings much like a Spirograph. I was completely wrong. Danish-based artist Eske Rex built a pendulum-driven machine that makes wall-sized drawings. From a press release about the Drawingmachine: Drawingmachine is a construction involving two pendulums, […]

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House Concert

I experienced my first house concert this past weekend in Rockville, Maryland at the Moore residence. My friends Tom and Melanie are very connected in the folk music community and introduced me to the experience of attending one. A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in […]

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