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Traditional materials

“Quaker Oats” – Contemporary Tintype – 20″x24″ by John Coffer I got to thinking about how quickly digital photography has been assimilated into nearly all aspects of photography. Entire traditional film-based product lines are no longer made. Kodak has scrapped its entire black and white paper line. Amazingly Kodak still manufactures traditional silver based films […]

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Photos from my car window

I just uploaded some shots I’ve been making from my car this summer. Take a look here.

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I was talking today with some co-workers about places we’d like to visit, specifically Iceland and Greenland. Iceland is the closest European country to the northeastern US. It has a population of about 300,000 people with a very liberal and progressive government. It is a desolate and beautiful place, but darn cold. However, ironically, it […]

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The Diving Board

Scott waiting for the lifeguard to blow a whistle and open the pool from mandatory break time.(click photo to see larger) I went swimming today with my nephew Scott. I used to spend hours as a kid on this diving board. Our family has belonged to a community pool within walking distance of our home […]

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Days of BMX

Going over a camel-back jump – Lion’s Park – Raleigh, NC – 1983/84 Jumping at the abandoned Wizard’s Skateboard Park – Raleigh, NC – 1983 This past weekend I had the opportunity to go and catch up on a sport I did in my past. A national race was in town with over 500 participants […]

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