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The Democratization of Making Stuff

WPA Art Project, [between 1936 and 1940] – Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress) There are a great the number of websites today that bypass traditional modes of publishing or creating works. The often impenetrable markets of magazine and book publishing, music, design, and now manufacturing are being whittled down to a democratic […]

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Last full day of summer – Okra!

Tomorrow (9/22) is the first day of fall. I tried growing some okra and gourds this summer from seed. I got them to grow and I’m happy for that. But I didn’t get much of a harvest. I’ll cut the pods off in a few days once they get a little larger. My gourds completely […]

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Graffiti that I respect.

Mural by Paul Curtis – San Francisco, CA – April, 2008 I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of Graffiti art, not that I think many graffiti artists aren’t talented, I think many of them are. It is more their methods that I disagree with- often which I see as a form […]

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Academic prose and unintelligible writings

Rembrant – A Scholar – 1631 – Oil on canvas, (41″ x 36″); Hermitage, St. Petersburg When I was in college I often ran across writing (or lectures) that I simply could not understand, the writing was “too wordy, too complex” – it just didn’t connect with me and didn’t make sense. It wouldn’t take […]

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Andy Goldsworthy

“I find some of my new works disturbing, just as I find nature as a whole disturbing. The landscape is often perceived as pastoral, pretty, beautiful – something to be enjoyed as a backdrop to your weekend before going back to the nitty-gritty of urban life. But anybody who works the land knows it’s not […]

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