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Weegee – Arthur Fellig

I’ve always admired Weegee’s (Arthur Fellig) images. He often photographed the gritty side of New York. Fellig’s nickname was a phonetic rendering of Ouija, due to his frequent, seemingly telepathic arrival at scenes only minutes after crimes, fires or other emergencies were reported to authorities. The Online Photographer recently had a post about Weegee that […]

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The Desire/Drive to Create

Candy Apples – North Carolina State Fair – 10/19/2009(The first N.C. State Fair was held in Raleigh, NC in 1853)(click photo to see larger) I was pondering today about what it is inside me that makes me want to create photographs or for that matter create anything. I think it starts with an appreciation and […]

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The Old Country Store

Maple Springs Grocery – Summer 1989 – Purlear, North Carolina Photographed through front door window – October, 2009 Exterior view – October, 2009 Just over twenty years ago, I had just finished up two years of college at Appalachian State University in the mountains of North Carolina and headed back up to the town of […]

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Little tidbits of stuff in my head I’ve picked up along the way

This might be a book for me coming up. Who knows.. I’m making a rough draft now.. here is some stuff. I’ve worked with lighting for over twenty years now and worked on hundreds (maybe thousands) of photo shoots. Some things I think I know about lighting, and photo gear.. Most current in the US […]

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Bottle hunting

(Click images to see larger) A few years ago, an old friend of mine took me old bottle hunting. We went out into the country and looked for old abandoned homes. He said that old homes out in the country often had a trash pile somewhere “out back” or off in the woods nearby. If […]

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