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Interview with Photographer Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes – October, 2007 – London, England – Abbey road and cd cover from Souvenirs work. Michael Hughes – October, 2008 – New York, NY – TimesSquare – Toy NYC Taxi & The Naked Cowboy from Souvenirs work. I recently recorded recorded a two part interview with British/German photographer Michael Hughes. Michael has large […]

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Walking in my dreams

Dried up kudzu vines and snow patches – Dix Hill – Raleigh, NC – 2/14/2010(click photo to see larger) I went for a walk today on some land near an old psychiatric hospital called Dorthea Dix. The hospital grounds at one time included 2,354 acres after the hospital was founded in 1856. 2,354 acres is […]

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And now for something completely different.. Cats in advertising

Nyalan (にゃらん) – Japanese spokes-kitty for These ads come from Jalan, a site where you can book hotels, rental cars, domestic flights and such in Japan. Their spokes-cat’s name is Nyalan (にゃらん) — “nya” being the Japanese equivalent of “meow”. Nyalan is a Japanese Bobtail breed – because of the breed’s human-oriented personality they […]

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Norman and the Porkinson Sausage

There once was a Britain named Norman. He did very well as a photographer and that was swell.. so he retired to Tobago and that was swell too. But he couldn’t get bangers and mash like back home.. So what did he do? He made his own brand of sausages. That’s is right, he made […]

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If you have an hour.. sit here and watch this documentary on a man as he reflects on his life as a photographer. It will be worth your time. It is about 76 year old British photographer Brian Duffy who is recognized as one of the innovators of “documentary” fashion photography. In 1979 he decided […]

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