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Hugh Morton

Hugh Morton pets one of his Border Collie dogsafter signing a copy of his book to my parents.December 13, 1988 – Grandfather Mountain, NCphoto by Forrest MacCormack. Hugh MacRae Morton (February 19, 1921—June 1, 2006) was a NC hero. He was a prominent North Carolinian, entrepreneur, tourism booster, conservationist, environmental activist, sports fan, and prolific […]

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Fierce Alabama dog used to educate children in Australia

I was on an assignment a few years back for a magazine and was doing some photography along a bike trail. One of the houses along the trail had this fierce little dog that barked at all the folks that rode, walked, or ran by on the trail. I had a pretty long (telephoto) lens, […]

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Turtles – Little River – Wake County, NC

Stinkpot Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus) shells – Little River – Wake County, NCPhoto by Forrest MacCormack (click photo to see larger) Stinkpot Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus) shell, eggs and bones found inside shellLittle River – Wake County, NC Photo by Forrest MacCormack (click photo to see larger) Wetlands of the Little River close to location of turtles […]

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Sculpture comes down.

Workers dismantle To See Jennie Smile on May 18, 2010 (Photographs by NCMA) photographer Christopher Ciccone. I went The NC Museum of Art recently and was not-so-surprised to see that Steven Siegel’s newspaper sculpture had been removed. It was only a matter of time. It was leaning so severely that it was soon likely to […]

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Giving back – Cleaning up a bit of the Little River.

View canoeing down the Little River towards a picnic table washed downstream. – Photo by Forrest MacCormack.(click photo to view larger) Our group picked up an estimated 160 pounds of garbage out of the Little River. Photo by Forrest MacCormack(Click photo to view larger) A significant person in my life who recently passed away told […]

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