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Camper Bike

I could use one of these on some of my bike touring trips. Imagine pedaling one of these across the country. Artist Kevin Cyr created Camper Bike, a functioning sculptural piece, built in April 2008. It is a stand alone piece and the subject of a series of paintings. Check it out. I wonder what […]

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Utility Pole Reborn with Vines as Limbs

Utility pole covered with (kudzu?) vines – Raleigh, NC – February 27, 2010 Forrest MacCormack (click photo to see larger) Been busy of late, I’ve had a chance finally to sit down and work on some photos. I shot this back last winter and now just had a chance to work on it. I see […]

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Careers in photography and cinematography – 1946

This sixty-four year old vocational film gives me a pretty good chuckle at moments. Not surprising some of the facts stated in the film about working in the field of photography/cinema haven’t changed one bit in 64 years – other aspects have changed dramatically. I found this over at – lots or great material […]

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