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Maine cow bones

“Requiem for the Cows” – Penobscot, Maine – August 24, 2005 – Forrest MacCormack (Click images to see larger) I have visited the U.S. state of Maine many times in my life. I went as a kid at least three times on vacations with my family and then again starting in 1998 annually in the […]

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Aged Polaroid Prints

Views of the Chain Bridge in Washington, D.C. – July, 2000 – Forrest MacCormack A ten year old stack of about 185 Polaroid Type-55 prints from my Potomac River Bridges project. It is important to have direct influences in your work as a photographer. I say that because I would have never saved this stack […]

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Orbital – The Box

I first heard the song for this video on the radio in 1996. I liked it so much that I called up the radio station and asked the DJ who was the artist and the name of the song. The radio DJ said.. “Orbital – The Box”. I jotted it down and was not sure […]

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Cold Foggy Night by the Tracks

Cold foggy night by the tracks – Mindaville, North Carolina Collage of five separate images – 2010 – Forrest MacCormack (click to see larger) Another shot from Mindaville, North Carolina (wink, wink). Created this collage from five different images – two for the foreground, one for the house, one for the sky, and one for […]

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"Church On Fire" – Mindaville, North Carolina

“The Church On Fire” – Mindaville, North Carolina – 2010- Forrest MacCormack (you should click on this photo and look at it bigger – come on give it a try) There actually is a church called “Church On Fire” in Henderson, NC. I drive by it every time I head up north on US 1, […]

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