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Quick digital "contact sheets"

Watch this little video I made on how to make quick and easy “contact sheets” using a digital camera.

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What is a home?

My old friend MagPie Bessie recently discovered and posted the video above about Lloyd Kahn, who is an author, photographer, and pioneer of the green building and green architecture movements. I just love the feeling of his house, how and why he made it, the respect, love and care and handling of the materials, and […]

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Guideposts Story

(Click photo to see larger) I photographed two women this past summer who helped each other with a daily morning phone call and prayer, one was suffering from breast cancer chemotherapy and surgery and couldn’t trust that she had a future. They became partners in prayer and that daily phone call helped both of them. […]

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Maine Magazine

I recently created this 126 page perfect-bound magazine using MagCloud. I’ve blogged about MagCloud before. The quality of the printing is amazing, and is better than the majority of most newsstand publications. Every summer and sometimes in the fall from 1998 to 2005 I went to Maine to photograph, relax, and have a good time […]

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Locked in time since 1958

Librarian’s records of borrowed books – dated: March, 1958 Interiors of The Old Bay Schoolhouse Penobscot, Maine – August, 1998 by Forrest MacCormack (click images to see larger) I discovered this forgotten schoolhouse in August, 1998 while I was visiting the small coastal town of Penobscot, Maine. I was staying with photographer/painter Walter Smalling and […]

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