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NC State Fair video

I went to the NC State Fair last evening and shot this video with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I don’t have a proper rig to shoot with it yet. All this was handheld and with the crappy in-camera mic. I can only imagine what shooting with a proper set up would make my […]

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The North Carolina State Fair

“Piglets” – 2009 NC State Fair – Raleigh, NC – Forrest MacCormack “Ring Toss on Bottle Game – Midway” – 2009 NC State Fair – Raleigh, NC Forrest MacCormack (click photos to see larger) The North Carolina State Fair opens tomorrow (October 14th, 2010) here in Raleigh. I love the Fair. I have fond memories […]

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If you want to see some cutting edge video go take a look over at Vimeo. The Staff picks section has a pretty good slice of the cream of the crop of the works on the site. A lot of the videos being made today are done with relatively inexpensive DSLR cameras like this one. […]

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Father and son project – going to the Stratosphere.

I love it when people achieve things they aren’t supposed to achieve. A father and his young son from Brooklyn, NY sent a weather ballon up to 100,000 feet (19 miles) this past August with a HD video camera, iPhone, and GPS packed into a homemade container to record the flight. 100,000 feet is pretty […]

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Amazing BMX jumps

I used to dream about doing this sort of stuff when I was a teenager, fortunately I never quite made it to this level of insanity with the tricks. Nonetheless, I ruptured my spleen when I was 14 racing BMX and spent 5 days in the hospital. This video was shot with digital SLR cameras […]

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