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Self-assignment – photographing in my neighborhood – artist JoJo Fekwa

I photographed JoJo Fekwa last week who is a painter who has set up in a small park just a block over from where I live in Washington, DC.  JoJo is originally from Cameroon and speaks six languages fluently. That is correct – SIX! – they are English, French, Spanish, and three tribal languages from […]

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Self-assignment – my 77 year old downstairs neighbor, Martin

Continuing with photographing people that live and work in my neighborhood.  About three weeks ago, I was heading out the front door where I live and the elderly black man, who lives in the basement apartment came to the gate of his front door. He mumbled something to me, I got close and asked him […]

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Self-assignment – making some portraits close to home.

I’ve often heard that a thousand stories exist just outside your own door, if you look close enough. Sometimes they will jump right out at you.  I have noticed several people in my neighborhood who are doing very interesting and positive things.  I got involved in a community supported garden that is just one block […]

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